Monday, July 02, 2007


A vicious strain of the meme virus has infected Blogistan, triggering bloggers to reveal way too much information about themselves. One admits to typing in his underwear. Another cops to liking the music of John Denver.

From Blue Girl, Red State to Corner of the Sky to Fat Jack, the meme has now made it to CHATTER, where the faithful chief typist succumbs to the madness.

Herewith, eight things from that punk:
1) I've shared an enjoyable, albeit soggy, camping adventure with a member of the Bush Administration.

2) I've seen a UFO.

3) Almost any ABBA song will do. The exception: "The Winner Takes It All."

4) I attended an international Elvis Presley impersonators convention and did not swivel a hip or curl a lip.

5) I've eagled one hole while golfing.

6) With several equally goofy peers, I rode a ski lift to the top of Big Mountain, just to buy a drink. Skiers looked askance at my Chucks.

7) I have tattoos.

8) Thousands of clips later, and I think three or four stories I've written are pretty damned good. Maybe.
Now that the unpleasant factoids are through the system, it's time to infect the others. Marmot, Branson Blue Hair, MoJoe's In The Mailbox and Tony Messenger, consider yourself tagged. Come join the circle jerk.


Mary Helen said...

You ragged on me liking John Denver, and you're an ABBA fan? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Those three or four stories, are they fiction?

RON DAVIS said...

Anon 1034: In your dreams, sweetheart. But thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34 and Ron 12:56: I don't get it. What are you two talking about?

Anonymous said...

Let me try and help. I think anon 10:34 is slamming Ron in some way, implying the three or four stories he's proud of are "ficticious" in nature, as opposed to being hard news stories. Ron is, I'm assuming, rightly trying to correct the disinformation.

See, lots of people come by Chatter to disparage Ron in some way, to make remarks here and there that are pointed or personal. Rarely, if ever, are they signed by name. I've written it before and am writing it again: I'm sure Ron courts public discourse; he wouldn't be a good journalist/blogger if he didn't. But meaningless, pointed remarks about our host do nothing to further discussion; Ron allows the posts to stay.

I stumbled upon a news story written by Mr. Davis some 20 years ago, a small, benign story that most reporters would have balked at covering. The writing on the simple piece is exemplary, and Mr. Davis showed a mass of attention to detail in a story that others would have given very short shrift.

I don't doubt for a minute the story I speak of does not make Ron's list of "three or four" stories he considers pretty danged good. I do. And thank him.


Anonymous said...