Sunday, August 12, 2007


Sunday digital housecleaning (and more storage space from Apple) brings additions to the CHATTER Public File:
•The file squirrelhunting.jpg, a fine use of action figures and road kill.

•A little something we call fdr.jpg, a seldom-seen photo of Roosevelt in his wheelchair.

•911_hijackers.jpg has mugs of all 19 hijackers onboard the four planes of Sept. 11, 2001.

•Worth saving (and reading) is dover_decision.pdf, the 139-page decision from Judge John Jones in the Dover court case pitting evolution against intelligent design.

•McD1, McD2, McD3 and McD4 are four jpegs of the creepy yet hot female Ronald McDonald tested in Japan.

•The hero/anti-hero Hunter S. Thompson is the image in hst.pdf, a 413kb file.

•If you like a gun-toting moll, sparky_blaine.jpg is for you.

•From 1925, josephine_baker.jpg is a NSFW pic of the great beauty.

•Elvis as Jesus? See elvis.jpg for details.

•Attention all harried moms -- insane_mom.jpg may seem disturbing and familiar.
Just click here to get to the Public File. Hit the eyeball to preview, the arrow to download.


Anonymous said...

Thanx, Ron
"Squirrelhunting" gave me a great morning laugh.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't she the supreme being in "The Fifth Element"? (At least it looks like her)
Maybe McD's will start issuing a "Multi-Pass"