Friday, August 10, 2007


Hope not. Or hope so, depending on the day. The Wall Street Journal's blog reports:
The possibility of a sale of Gannett isn’t too far-fetched in light of all the consolidation lately in the ailing newspaper industry (with Knight-Ridder, Tribune, and now Dow Jones all being acquired). In fact, in a posting we did examining the possibility of more deals in the industry, we fingered Gannett as the most likely to be snapped up next.
Papa G's stock is down 23 percent this year, and now trades at a 10-year low.


Anonymous said...

WHO the heck is RON DAVIS????

Anonymous said...

The real news story is all the corruption in the area---the "leaders". What about City Council and we can sure use the crime lab for them and why does the prosecutor and everybody get away with doing what ever they want? And both parties are connected at the hip----on and on!

And yes the nedia goes along for the ride!