Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The local radio ratings for Market # 142 are in, and spring was not kind to several radio stations. Radio & Records lists the Arbitrons this way:
•KTTS remains No. 1 in the market, posting a 15 rating, up from 13.6 last fall.

•KSPW, the station known as Power, is up to No. 2 with a 7.5, up from 6.7 last fall.

•KTOZ, better known as Alice, enjoyed a huge rebound, up from 4.7 to 7.2 -- from 7th place to 3rd in the market.

•KGBX, the adult-contemporary station, tumbled from 2nd place to 4th. Its ratings went from 8.2 to 7 -- a marked decline for an always popular station.

•Rounding out the top five is KOMG, the classic-country station with the impressive billboard campaign. Rating: 6.1, up from 4.7 last fall.
So who lost out?
KSGF, the talk station, fell from 4th place to 10th. Its ratings number fell from 6.0 to 4.4.

•KWTO-FM, aka The Jock, tanked -- 2.7 to 1.6 -- throwing the fate of the all-sports station into doubt.

•For all its impressiveness with KTTS and KSPW, corporate owner Journal doesn't seem to have the knack for rock. KZRQ, the active-rock station, slid from 4.2 to 2.6. To be fair, this wasn't a good book for alt/new-rock; KQRA also fell, losing a ratings point to land with a 4.7.
All numbers are the broadest possible -- 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight. Every station will dissect the book and find numbers to show their strengths (we're No. 1 with weekend-listening women 35-44), but these numbers are for overall listenership.

No surprise that Art Morris' Missouri Radio Message Board has a good discussion on the numbers. As one poster notes, congrats to the winners, and better luck next time to the losers.


Anonymous said...

It looks like wingnut radio is on the decline. Is the wall of jericho tumbling down?

Vincent David Jericho said...

Jericho is actually now #5 in the morning up from #9.

Ron you never having had much success in radio or anything else for that matter I am not surprised by your mis-information.

Adults 25 -54 is where ALL the major advertising buys are placed. It is and has always been the target of KSGF. When we were #4 12+ no one was celebrating. Being #5 overall and #3 with men, there was a BIG celebration last night

VD Schattenkirk said...

The mis-information has once again come from you, jerk-off. "KSGF from 4th to 10th." Where did Ron break down the hours of any station in this posting? I know you love to hear/see/speak your name a lot, but I don't see you or any other hosts mentioned here. This is typical talk radio spin from you again today. The news is what it is. That said, Congrats to you for YOUR hours, but that doesn't change what KSGF rated or Chatter posted. By the way, I thought you were not going to visit this site again. Isn't that what you have told your listeners?

VT said...

Wow, Vince. Tone it down a little bit, man. Ron even said in his posting it was overall numbers and you can't dispute the overall listenership is down according to the ratings I saw.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought Jericho said last time that his ratings were really good and now he's saying there was no celebrating.

What's this "Jericho" radio station, anyway? I've heard of KSGF but "Jericho" isn't a radio station I listen to.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why Jericho had to insult Ron for the comment I made (anon@4:46 AM).

Somehow the words childish and immature come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Low class, ugly, loud, rude, coarse, uncouth and crude are also words that come to mind. Dude needs to back it way down.

Vincent David Jericho said...

Tell me folks if you had someone who told you he was your friend and then ambushed you on his cable TV show and tried to humiliate you I suspect you too would be a little frosty.

That being said, KSGF in the morning is up from #9 to #5 persons 25-54. We are #3 men 25 - 54 and #2 men 35 - 64.

When I started we were #12 or even lower. First we knocked of KWTO-AM and became the most listened to local talk show in the market. Did we celebrate no. We worked harder. We are now #5 in the key money demo.

For those of you not in radio, 12+ is a demo few if any advertising buys are based on. There are hundreds of millions of dollars spent pursuing 25-54 year olds. I would happily give up being #4 12+ and trade that for being #5 25-54 and any radio business person would agree with me.

Right now we are enjoying a little bit of success but the celebration lasts a day and then its back to work.

I appreciate so many here take the time to listen.

Have a great day and write on.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, My God. "Jericho" another "Limbaugh" in the making?? Heaven help us!!!

MoJoe said...

Vince, I was there on that cable show. He didn't ambush you at all. Watch the tape: You were the one who brought up the subject of race, which led to what you call "the ambush." I worked with Ron and watched him interview many people. He didn't ambush you; he gave you an opportunity to speak your mind. You responded by getting your feelings hurt.

Shouldn't you be squeezing something out of your popsicles, and getting over this?


Anonymous said...

Waaaaah. Waaaaaah. Waaaaaaah.

The only way this gets settled is to have a public bitch-slapping competition on Park Central Square. Who's for it?

VD Schattenkirk said...

Hey VDj, you may be able to fool Roger from Nixa or Dan from Fair Grove, but you're not making any headway with any of us in the print, radio or TV biz. We all know you are an idiot blowhard. Lets all say it together..."We're number 10! We're number 10! Oops...YOU'RE number 10! You're number 10!

VT said...


Look, I understand you may have a past with Ron Davis and I'm not discounting that at all. Still, the fact here is that you accused him of posting misinformation when he did no such thing. You are down in the 12+ ratings that Ron quoted and in Ron's posting he made no comment about you, your morning show or even editorialized on your station.

You were wrong to accuse him of misinformation here and an apology to Ron for that mistake is in order.

mj said...

The guy is a real jerk. His show is S.O.S. and people are tired of the same of sermons with a splattering of subjects put in the blanks.

He shouldn't be justifying himself to us. He should be selling himself with Journal because there, you never know when your expiration date will be!

Anonymous said...

I vote for public square bitch slapping! Yea!

VD Schattenkirk said...

Ya' know, VT is right. And here's how it could go down, in another world, another time...
"Ron, I'm sorry for attacking you for posting numbers from "The Book" with no reference to ME. Sometimes I just forget that math stands alone and is always right. And while I'm here...
To the listener who dared to challenge me when I said the "911 Commission Report clearly shows a connection and between Saddam and Osama..."
I'm sorry I screamed at you.
To the military veteran who dared to call in with an opinion oposite from mine...I'm sorry for yelling "so what!" when you reminded me of your service to our country. It wasn't a Friday, so I didn't have my red on to remind me to say something good about our Vets and Active Duty folks.
To all Christians and Democrats...I'm sorry for telling my audience that Democrats can't be Christians. I got carried away that day knowing Sarah Overstreet was listening. She wrote in the fish wrapper that she loves my show.
To everyone who heard it, I'm sorry for playing that horrible "Bush was right" piece of crap song.
I'm sorry for constantly re-writing history and creating my own reality.
To the postal employee who I called incompetent
for failing to allow me to use my FAKE NAME on the paperwork for a passport...oh wait, I already said I'm sorry to you."

And that's the way it is, Wednesday August 15, 2007. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Quote By Vincent David Jericho: "Ron you never having had much success in radio or anything else for that matter I am not surprised by your mis-information."

Hold on there buddy, Ron was very successful with his radio show. Kept the phone lines lit up, pissed off the conservative right wing, and was willing to take controversy head on. I know all of this, because I worked with him at said radio station. The reason he left that station was because of the uproar of the conservative advertisers that whined about his opinion! People loved to hate his opinion. However, it was/and is just that HIS opinion!

On top of that, he was a VERY successful and HIGHLY regarded reporter for the Springfield News-Leader. He is now a producer with a television station here in town. Ron has more connections and fire in his belly than you can ever dream to have!

I don't vote for the bitch slap in Park Central. I vote for a war of the words, and FACTS, to back up an argument.....in either of those wars, Ron will be the victor.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Ron's stint on Morning Line was the problem at that cluster of stations: two or three salesmen who sit around making excuses why they can't sell the stations. They couldn't sell their ass in a Turkish Prison shower. They only like on-air talent who sell their own shows.

Anonymous said...

Addition to the VDj "I'm sorry" list:

To Missouri State University supporters...I'm sorry for telling my audience that "Someone should burn that place (MSU) to the ground"
The idiot should also apologize (to Rex) for driving KSGF's OVERALL ranking down from 4th to 10th place. He is the programming director after all. At least that's what he claims on air. Was he spending all his PD time working only on his program? MJ is correct that this fool should be worried for his employment at Journal.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to me...VDJ hates everything about Springfield, apparently. The city. The R-12 schools. The leaders. The utility. The universities. The business leaders. The chamber of commerce. The roads. You have to wonder about anyone who hates everything about a town and its citizens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should go back to Canada!

Anonymous said...

ron & vdj deserve each other. a duel of warped egos.

Anonymous said...

Looking for intelligent life. None found here. Hey Davis do you blog under anonymous?

John Q.

Anonymous said...

"The Draft
Claire Lawsuit moves forward as Reed and the City agree on date and trial to
be in late 2008"

The Write-in Candidate Fair and Free Election i.e. Democracy Lawsuit
in Greene County Court heats up as petitioner Reed ask
the court to add the Secretary of State and the State Attorney General to lawsuit over possible state election law violations by the City of Springfield.---See copy of Notice by Attorney General is presently looking at case.


VD Schattenkirk said...

Thank YOU Steve Reed for proving John Q true.

Anonymous said...

Amen, anon 12:10.

Anonymous said...

Don't like Jericho? Then don't listen and don't waste your time wringing your hands and complaining about his very existence.

Besides, KWTO has Ed Janosik on every Monday, which is plenty of balance.

Jason said...

Interesting how talk across the board took a hit. That's the danger with the small sample for the Springfield area...if the books don't fall in the right places entire formats take a hit.

I look in the next book to see all the alt-rock stations bounce right back.

Anonymous said...

VDJ has this all figured out! Here is explanation at http://www.ksgf.com/Portals/67/KSGF%20Audio/This%20week/KSGF_082307_Hr1_Seg2_Arbritron.mp3. He says Arbitron is not accurate and makes it sound like no one fills the ballots out. Guess what, I did! And I did it accrately ... mine did not include VDJ.