Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well, three-fourths of the great band will play; John Bonham's a little busy being dead. But Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are in for a Nov. 26 London show.

According to The New York Times:
The show, at the O2 arena, will be a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, the Atlantic Records founder who died in December. The promoter, Harvey Goldsmith, said that the bill also includes Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman, Foreigner and Paolo Nutini, a 20-year-old Scottish heartthrob who was the last act Mr. Ertegun took under his wing.

“During the Zeppelin years, Ahmet Ertegun was a major foundation of solidarity and accord,” Mr. Plant said in a statement. “For us he was Atlantic Records and remained a close friend and conspirator.”
Jason Bonham will play drums.


Anonymous said...

Been a long time
Been a long time
Been a long lonely
lonely time.

Sniderman said...

Ron, your feed engine is slow. ;) Had you by two days. Beating chatter should be some type of award.

notafinga said...

Foreigner? WT Eff?

Jason said...

Can't wait to hear them when the inevitable DVD comes out.

Anonymous said...


Ron is an expert on everything.

I think Robert Plant would just laugh.

Gary said...

notafinga said...

"Foreigner? WT Eff?"

Jason Bonham is the current drummer for Foreigner, so it's probably a quid pro quo to have them on the bill with Zeppelin.

notafinga said...

OK. well... I don't know what to say.
What is funnier?

That Jason Bonham is the drummer for Foreigner,
or that there is anything with a quid pro quo that involves Foreigner.

You tell me.