Thursday, September 06, 2007


Apple on Thursday offered $100 rebates to people who bought iPhones for $600 in those heady first days of hype and sales -- only to see Apple slash the price by $200 this week.

But some bleeding-edge buyers don't mind paying full price for being first in line, and that's where we find the source of the day, courtesy of The Associated Press:
"If they told me at the outset the iPhone would be $200 cheaper the next day, I would have thought about it for a second - and still bought it," said Andrew Brin, a 47-year-old addiction therapist in Los Angeles. "It was $600 and that was the price I was willing to pay for it."
Having that guy as your therapist would make you take up smack again.


Anonymous said...

damn fools and their money are soon parted. and nobody ever went broke misunderestimating the gullibility of the amurican publick.

Gay said...

So Jobs has said, "iSorry!"

Chris said...

And Apple's stock is plummeting.

Gay said...

Well, actually, EVERYONE'S stock is plummeting!