Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The new iPods are here, and while the new Nanos are nice, it's the iPod Touch that has us tingling all under.

It's basically an iPhone without the phone -- a flash-memory machine with Wi-Fi, so you can access the 'net and download music without a cord.

Price point starts at 300 clams for 8 gigs, with a 16-gig model selling for $400. Purists may prefer the iPod Classic, with its 80- and 160-gig hard drive capacities. We'll take any of 'em, including the squint-sized Shuffle. Anything to listen to (thanks, Keith) Stephen Lynch.

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Art Morris said...

They also lowered the price of the 8gb Iphone from $599 to $399.
I paid full price for mine, but it's worth every penny.
Still, that $200 would have bought a nice dinner at Clary's
Art Morris