Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Man shoots dog: not news. Dog shoots man: Betcha. The BBC reports:
A man out hunting in Iowa was shot in the leg after a hunting dog stepped on his gun, authorities said.

The accident happened after James Harris, 37, put his gun on the ground to retrieve a fallen pheasant.

One of a pack of hunting dogs following behind stepped on the trigger, and up to 120 birdshot pellets hit Mr Harris in the left calf at short range.

A local official told a news agency the injury was "not life-threatening, but will give him trouble for a long time".
As will his hunting buds.


admin said...

Porter Wagner died. Where's the obit and more importantly, the points? And you better start answering your email too, dirty punk.

Anonymous said...

It's Wagoner, not Wagner, you dirty punk.

The CDM said...

Send the dog to Michael Vick, I believe this might solve some problems quick.