Thursday, October 18, 2007


Jorja Fox must not, or she wouldn't be emulating his famous career flameout. You know the routine. Actor becomes TV Star, believes the hype, goes for the big screen, fails miserably, is forever diminished. See also: David Caruso.

But the actress who plays Sara Sidle on CSI seems to have a lifeline. TV Guide reports that the show's boss is certainly Fox will return to CSI, at least as an annoyingly recurring character.

CSI bigwig Carol Mendelsohn does the it's-all-good nattering:
I respect Jorja. This is something that she wanted to do, and I would never stand in her way. She's coming back at some point anyway ... the fans will not have seen the last of Sara Sidle. Nor will Grissom.
And we liked the show (though it ain't no Dexter). Thanks for the letdown.


Anonymous said...

Career Flameout?!?!? Wha'chu talkin' 'bout Willis? Hello Larry was one of the greatest all time teevee shows, next to ALF.

Anonymous said...

Leaving a hit powerhouse for a career in this McLean Stevenson or Michelle Sherwood?

Michelle said...

To Anon 6:48 Greater happiness is sometimes found in what you do, rather than where you do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michelle. What a breath of fresh air around here!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Sherwood is the best thing they've got going at 33 these days in terms of reporters and female anchors for that matter. They're lucky to have her and she can really shine there. Sounds like a good match to me, and good choices on the part of the company and Michelle.