Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Who wants to buy TV stations? Newspapers, for one. And now that's going to happen in the nation's largest media markets. The New York Times has it this way:
In one 3-to-2 vote, [FCC chairman Kevin Martin] sided with the agency’s two other Republicans to relax the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rules in the 20 largest markets. As part of that order, the commission also granted dozens of permanent waivers of newspaper-broadcast combinations in large and small markets that had been given temporary waivers as they awaited the outcome of the rulemaking.
Translation: Television-station owners in Top 20 markets can buy newspapers -- or, more likely, newspapers can buy TV stations in those markets. It's all one big happy media family.


Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say aemriki not having him free press. for save ameriki nation usa people must to make new federal communication law:

1. each tv station and each the radio station must be own 100% by person live within physical area serve by tv station. this call the local ownership.

2. no single person to owning more than 1% of any one tv station stock certificate. this make the diverse ownership.

3. abolish him networks, abccbsnbcfox. then to letting local own station form own networks with power from bottom up (flow from shareholder to board of director to ceo), not him top down like now in usa.

4. this keep the free press and stop the rupert murdoch type man keep all ameriki so stupid if buy him corporation which to own so many station and newspaper and radio and keep ameriki the stupid people.

after follow mullah cimoc method benjamin frankling to be the proud.

for true info: stop1984now@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Gannett can buy KSPR?

Anonymous said...

I hope Rupert Murdoch buys the News-Leader and KSPR and fires Tony "I love Columbia" Messenger and Ron "Yes I am a wacko liberal" Davis.

I'd love to see Messenger and Davis watching pro-Blunt, pro-Republican news 24/7.

What a great Christmas, yes CHRISTMAS Ron, gift that would be!

Jason said...

Give me a break...

Anonymous said...

"one break, comin' up!"...sorry, it was a David Lee Roth moment.

Anonymous said...

What happened to goodwill to all anon 4:19? Ask yourself,wwjd, wish for people to lose their job for Christmas?