Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Plenty of people last Thursday night were ready to write the political obituary for Sen. Hillary Clinton. Even some of her own people were quietly panicking that Sen. Barack Obama's Iowa caucus win meant doom for Clinton.

Now New Hampshire goes and spoils everything for the spoiler.

Clinton's Tuesday night win in the nation's first primary election means the Democrats are far from coronating a candidate to run for the White House. The only clear thing to come out of New Hampshire is the still-smiling (and still politically dead) face of John Edwards. He insisted he would run all the way to the convention. He probably will, and he still won't make a difference. Fork, meet Edwards. Pity, but only kind of.

Clinton's New Hampshire upset -- polls showed she was supposed to lose big to Obama, perhaps by double-digits -- has 'net pundits agog. Freepers are wailing and gnashing teeth, dismayed by Clinton's New Hampshire victory. So are some Democrats.

Republicans showed their desire to keep Mike Huckabee at arm's length. The winner in Iowa finished third in New Hampshire. Two honeymoons cut short by voters. Two races revived. Democracy wins.


Anonymous said...

new hampshire, schmoohampshire. what about britney & "dr." phil?

Jason said...

I'm sure it was voter fraud but just like in every other election we'll never find out for sure.

Busplunge said...

Bradley effect?

Anonymous said...

Why Jason, are you accusing Her Thighness of rigging the deck? The Clintons wouldn't use such tactics, would they?

I'm not sure who will win the Democrat nomination. It doesn't matter anyway.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter which Republican wins, either. (Sorry, Ron Paul fans, but he won't get the nomination.)