Tuesday, January 15, 2008


... we said to Addie Broyles, a fellow traveler in our lunge through life. Alas, too late. Too late! And now she is destined to be on "What Not To Wear," that show on TLC where poorly dressed souls are torn to shreds before being blessed with five grand worth of fresh threads.

She will still travel the odd path -- they can trash her clothes, but they can't trash her soul, dammit, they can't even touch it -- but the thought of That Gal From Aurora in styling duds is too much right now. We must recline.

Read all about it on La Vie Dansante, her blog.


thinkingthings said...

Addie looks great as she is. She sparkles in fact. I am, however, more than a little jealous of the make- over advice and $5000 clothes deal. I will be interested to find out if they'll let you actually use the money "wisely" or if you'll have to buy $500 jeans and $200 shirts. Hmmm. Mostly, I hope Addie has FUN.

Anonymous said...

So much for New Years Resolutions. Still smoking?

addie said...

I'm blogging photos, videos, etc. from my What Not to Wear shooting in New York at statesman.com/thegoods. You keeping up?