Friday, February 29, 2008


Racial politics at play, revealed by a Missouri congressman.

According to the KC Star's Prime Buzz blog:
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri said Thursday that black Democratic superdelegates who support Sen. Hillary Clinton have been “bludgeoned verbally” to prod them to switch to Sen. Barack Obama.

Cleaver, who is African-American and a superdelegate, has backed Clinton since last summer and this week re-emphasized that support. He said that he himself has not been pressured, but that black superdelegates from all over the country have been subjected to harassment, threatened with primary opponents and called “Uncle Tom.”

He said they have been told, “You’re not black if you’re not supporting Barack Obama. ... It is ugly.”
Cleaver thinks he's gotten a pass from the arm twisters because Obama won Missouri narrowly, and only thanks to GOP crossovers and independents.


Anonymous said...

Voting for someone simply because of his race is just as bad as NOT voting for someone just because of his race.

tom said...

Sound quite familiar to why Alan Keyes doesn't do well in the black voting arena. I guess he is to white for a black man

cc1983 said...

Here is my letter to the super delegates.

Fellowship of Independent-Minded American Voters…
with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO DEMOCRACY
I belong to a ever growing multitude of independent-thinking American voters who UNASHAMEDLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY support Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Our roots in America’s cherished democratic experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are a formidable and enlightened group of people, one not to be ignored or silenced, who above all remain true to these United States, the land of opportunity and birthplace of American democracy. Unyielding determination to reclaim America‘s leadership standing, ensure fair representation and protect our nation underscore our support for Clinton’s candidacy and superintend our journey through these grueling long days of media self-servitude, mind-numbing fanaticism and blatant reverse racism. Our enduring love of country gives us the strength and courage to constantly challenge injustice and ensure the voices of ALL voters will be heard.
Democratic Value System
As exemplified by Hillary Clinton‘s 35 years of proven public service, we believe in 12 core democratic tenets and principles. These pillars of democracy must be adhered to and observed in all primaries, caucuses and elections, wherever American voters are gathered to select leaders at the local, state and national levels. These ethics must reflect the following concepts:

1. Commitment to Sovereignty of the People
2. Commitment to Government of the People, by the People, and for the People
3. Commitment to Free and Fair Elections
4. Commitment to Freedom of Expression
5. Disavowal of Racial Bigotry and Cultural Intolerance
6. Dedication to Liberty
7. Dedication to Basic Human Rights
8. Dedication to Equal Representation for All
9. Adherence to Due Process of Law
10. Pledge to make economic and social opportunity available to all citizens
11. Pledge allegiance to leadership who espouse values of tolerance, pragmatism, cooperation and compromise
12. Personal commitment to embracing the Democratic Value System

Anonymous said...

Here is my letter to the Super freaky Super Delegates.

Dear super freaky, super delegates,

Vote for the cat or kitten who's got the popular vote and the delegate stash.

If it's split...go with the popular vote. Power to the PEOPLE...and don't tell your mama's, but you're votin' for Obama.