Monday, February 18, 2008


So claims a report on CNN's blog:
The U.S. Navy will likely attempt to shoot down a faulty spy satellite on Thursday, the day after the space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to land, two officials familiar with the planning told CNN Monday.

The officials — who spoke on condition of anonymity because much of the planning remains classified — said the idea is to leave as much time as possible so that a second attempt could be made in the event of a failure.
Does anyone believe the government's cover story that this whole shootdown is because of worries over rocket fuel, and its risk to humans on the ground?


Anonymous said...

I believe that is a part of it. The liquid fuel used is nasty, corrosive stuff. Mostly I believe they want the data and technology on it 100% destroyed which I also believe is prudent.

Unknown said...

Heh. Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. They let Skylab fall out of the sky, but a little ball of metal and plastic with spy stuff on it and they're locking and loading.

On the other hand, we can't have aircraft fly near China without having them confiscated, ripped apart, photographed and cataloged. I don't suppose we want anything we put up their to fall into their hands. So, best we vaporize it.