Monday, June 16, 2008


We admit our addiction and are powerless to stop it. We're Dew junkies. Especially when it comes to the new flavors of Mountain Dew, tasties as enticing as China White and Black Tar.

There's Revolution, "infused with Wild Berry fruit flavor and Ginseng." Voltage is "charged with Raspberry Citrus flavor." Supernova -- perhaps the least-best of the lot -- has "a Blast of Strawberry Melon Flavor."

None of it is as toothsome as Code Red, the kindest of Dew buds. But Voltage is close, until Mountain Dew Oxy hits the market.

Dew Boy, save us from the madness.


The Ferber Family said...

i'm with dori, i prefer the revolution.. it's sweet and tasty and it has ginseng. seriously what more could you want?!

Jason said...

These options are almost enough to make me start drinking soda again! LOL.

Busplunge said...

It'll tickle your innards!

albertjames said...

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