Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Sarah Steelman tried but failed to topple Missouri's GOP machine and its chosen candidate, Kenny Hulshof.

A Matt Blunt-appointed circuit judge fails to hold onto his seat in Greene County.

And a Springfield sales tax sails to victory, 81-19, despite one tiny corner's loud attempts to bully people into voting "no."

Not quite 20-percent of registered voters in Greene County cast ballots on Tuesday. Pitiful that turnout was seen as OK.

At KSPR, the web served as platform for a nearly hour-long newscast, starting at 9 p.m. The newly installed news ticker digested and spit out results as fast as we could keyboard them into the system.

Did the primaries turn out the way you expected them to?


Anonymous said...

Shame if Bob Lawson lost. I cannot imagine that anybody who had ever met David Jones would have voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Is David Jones the same as that alcoholic attorney on Walnut Street?

Anonymous said...

The Steve Helms win was a cryin' shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm already jonesing for some more Steelman radio ads.

Busplunge said...


Anonymous said...

Roy Blunt's comments to KY 3 about how he helped Hulshof from losing to Steelman even worse in his district were simply delusional.

I don't think our Congressman even lives in his own district and if he really thinks he helped Kenny he's truly out of his mind.

tom said...

"And a Springfield sales tax sails to victory, 81-19, despite one tiny corner's loud attempts to bully people into voting "no."

BULLY !! surely you jest. Informing the voter that they have a choice is far from being a bully unless you want to proclaim the thousands of dollars of tax money spent to see to it that it didn't fail as bullying.

I saw a sign at my polling location that simply said It's OK to Vote NO on the 1/8 cent transportation tax. I received numerous messages from the city that I needed to vote yes to continue the improvements of the city. My C.U. bill contained one, I was sent another from some organization called Committee for the Future which had been funded by most of those that will benefit from this tax.
I saw billboards posted on Kansas Expressway, US 65, National Ave., MO-13, and numerous other locations including flyers in every city owned building.
Surely a group of people who post signs at polling locations can't be bullying anyone unless everyone with a sign at those locations were bullying voters as well.

admin said...

Hey Chatterguy,

Return an email once in a while, will ya?

Anonymous said...


This is your audience calling. Can you post some new content. Some of that famous "this, that, and the other thing" that we used to see on this channel?

Summer re-runs don't cut it with this new non-traditional media.

Feed the beast. Please.

Bette Noire

Branson Missouri said...


This is Darin - homeless in Kansas City having committing the crime of making a sunshine request to Branson PD.

Yo! Is Duaz (the male version) ready to debate me?

Journalists in Branson aren't cutting the mustard.

Anonymous said...

You really need to update your blog. I would have LOVED to have been on Obama's bus or plane when he was told that Bristol Palin was preggers!

Wonder if the former head of the DNC told him GOD was REALLY on their side now?

Anonymous said...

so, ron, run off to mexico with the rach (aram, not ray)?