Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The blogger known as Fat Jack has called the meeting. Local bloggers will gather at Patton Alley Pub at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, to do some live blogging.

Mainstream media alert: Patton Alley will be the place to be on Election Night. Only question still hanging: how early will the presidential race be called for Barack Obama? For the first time in two cycles and eight years, it looks like an early night for calling it.

This, of course, will give John McCain supporters an excuse to blame the mainstream media for the defeat of their candidate. Some things never change.

Post your Election Night predictions now. Popular vote percentages, electoral numbers, time the winner will be announced by the Big Three networks. We'll climb onto the limb first: 51-47 for Obama, 338-200, and 9:01 p.m. Central.


Anonymous said...

53-45 Obama over McCain; 364-174 electoral college; called at 9:15PM

Sandy G. said...

Maybe, maybe not. I lie through my teeth to pollsters--- I'm for McCain, I'm for Obama, I'm part of the Ron Paul Revolution. It's also fun skewing the exit polls!

American Patriot said...

I won't play the prediction game on an election that is still 10+ days away - politically, anything can happen.

But I will make a prediction if Obama wins.

You guys have picked Patton Alley to blog the election. Patton Alley is a small business, and with every small business, some years are better than others. I don't know if Eric Zackrison earns over $250k a year or not. But many small business owners do. In fact, the IRS says 75% of small business profits exceed $250,000 a year.

Like with Patton Alley, 19+million people work at places like this that employ fewer than 20 workers.

My prediction is this. Obama's increased tax burden on 75% of the small businesses will result in people loosing their jobs like crazy. Business owners will slash and burn their payroll expenses to keep up with the higher taxes being imposed.

And it won't happen just at Patton Alley, but at places like Staxx, Nearly Famous Deli, Plaza Shoes and on down the line. How many of the 52.6 million people employed by small businesses in this country are you prepared to sacrifice to get your guy elected?

thinkingthings said...

Strange how I had a flourishing small business all through the Clinton years. Wasn't till the Republicans took over everywhere that it became impossible for me to justify it. Not just because of the taxes, it was the cost of health care, the cost of supplies, rent, utilities, gas, living...oh and the fact that my client base could no longer afford to pay me either.

The Democrats did not do that. The Republican run state and federal government did.

That is how my small business became a ghost.

American Patriot said...

I too lost a small business. Maybe you shouldn't have offered benefits...aside from that, maybe you should have lived with-in your means.

I started by business under Bush and ended it under Bush, but I'm smart enough to realize it wasn't his fault. Maybe you should accept some responsibility instead of blaming others for your mistakes.

If you can't afford to offer the perks, don't blame others for thinking you can. LIVE WITHIN YOUR FRICKIN MEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

AmPat... have you always been such an ass?

American Patriot said...

Oh my gosh. Am I being an ass? Well shame on me.

"I'd like to buy the world a Coke...."

Anon 1:58am, go back to sleep. That's when you're at your best.

thinkingthings said...

Hate to burst your sanctimonious bubble am-pat, but I didn't have employees to provide benefits for--I'm talking about healthcare for myself and my family. I was a sole practitioner, though I did have colleagues in my office. I did my own paperwork, billing, cleaning, etc. Your basic no-frills psychotherapy office, for sure.

And I'm not blaming anyone. I'm simply stating facts. I rented a small office, paid the cheapest rent I could and in terms of my business, I definitely operated it within my means. (I will also be honest and admit I can always use that advice in my day to day life, most people can. That's called capitalism. Even our president suggested we go shopping after 9-11).

You don't do much for your cause when you sound so hateful. I wonder if you are aware of that.

Anonymous said...

AmPat lost his business because he's a bad business person and a fraud. He knows it, I know it and everyone he did business with knows it.

As for Zackrison, he makes no $250,000. He's lucky if he clears $50,000. He, too, couldn't/can't run a business, just like AmPat.

I worked for a small business for years. And by golly, had health insurance. That business is still thriving, in part, because it offers health insurance and many other benefits. That business keeps employees for years and years. Employee longevity is part of the success.

American Patriot said...

Anon 6:42 I guess they didn't value you or you would still be with them.

Oh, and thanks for the insight into my business as well as that of Patton Alley. How about starting your own business instead of those who do.

Anonymous said...

ampat typed "I guess they didn't value you or you would still be with them."

You've again made an ass of yourself. Where in Anon 6:42's post do you find evidence that the small business didn't value her? She says she worked for, yes, but it could be she moved on to a different job for any number of legitimate reasons...or it could mean she's retired.

I can understand why your business failed, ampat. You exhibit a great deal of anger and bitterness. Perhaps no one wanted to do business with such a sourpuss.

Or perhaps Anon 6:42 is correct: you're just a bad business person and a fraud.

American Patriot said...

Thank you for your comment. It's obvious you're off your meds.

Anonymous said...

ASSpat is a real jerk. The "off your meds" comment returns again. Can't back up the claims he was served and puked out in another thread on this forum. Kool Aid comes in several flavors. Yes, ASSpat, I've followed you to this thread..."whatever", now THAT was a comeback.

American Patriot said...

Thanks, assnonymous.