Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Gordon Senecal was taking care of his friend's old pit bull when things went bad.

Cops in Green Bay, Wis., say Senecal got into an argument with the dog's owner, Todd Charles. Sitting in Charles' home, the men fought, Cops say Charles grabbed a serving fork and stabbed Senecal. The headlines called it just a fork. Damned liberal media.


Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Stick a fork in it"

heh, heh

beavis and butthead live!

Anonymous said...

This is HILARIOUS! I know Senecal, and was with him after this incident. I was also there at the time this occurred. USA It does not get its periodicals rectified and it will not surprise me ONCE again. The police were not there, did not see anything to make any arbritration, which shows ONCE again, they do not do their province to SERVE AND PROTECT AND UPHOLD THE LAW (depending the state, this is WI now), and NOT CREATE IT, they are not GOD, please research your realities before making such pretentious, unletterered and ignorant assumptions please.
I did CPR on the factual vapid individual. This was NOT homocide, you claim diaphanous manslaughter, but discernibly it was a happenstenstance.
Senecal was at my house recently and is fine and well. Takk fyrir, farðu i rassgat, din amerikansk óaðlaðandi!

Takk fyrir!