Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The former head of FEMA goes before a House select committee and is grilled, toasted, fried, chopped and smothered. Rep. Gene Taylor, a Democrat from Mississippi, told Brown his response to Hurricane Katrina was an "F minus." Rep. Chris Shays said Brown's excuses were "feeble" -- and Shays is a Republican (attention GOP types: spare us the "Shays is a RINO" crap. He still belongs to you, same as Zell Miller belongs to Democrats).

Brown is getting agitated. At one point Tuesday morning he was fairly shouting at Shays. Then again, he deserves the ass-whipping he's getting on C-SPAN. Brown said his two big mistakes were not making sure the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana got along; and not holding regular FEMA briefings. He also kept insisting that his job was to coordinate the response to the storm. Spoken like a true tool.

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