Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Remember Ashley Smith? She was held hostage by Brian Nichols, the Georgia courthouse shooter, after he forced his way into her apartment. She talked her way out, called police and was praised as a hero for her calm demeanor.

(She also got backpats for reading Nichols parts of "The Purpose Driven Life.")

Smith releases a book on Tuesday, the start of a media campaign you can't miss, including a Wednesday "Oprah" appearance. "Unlikely Angel" is the name of Smith's book, with an initial printing of 400,000.

In the book, Smith admits that she gave Nichols some meth. He asked for pot; she didn't have any, so she turned him on to her meth stash.

Smith says she refused to do the drug with Nichols, and claims she hasn't touched drugs since, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "I was not going to die tonight and stand before God, having done a bunch of ice up my nose."

Hey, we don't care. Whatever it took to keep her alive.

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