Wednesday, October 26, 2005


James Guckert -- aka Jeff Gannon, the conservative typist who masqueraded as a member of the White House press corps -- once had sources within the Bush Administration, and he's still erect in his support for the men now running the GOP.

Guckert claims Valerie Plame's secret identity as a CIA agent was anything but. This is the most outrageous of the Republican talking points -- that because people knew Plame was a spook, it was OK to leak her name to the media in an attempt to discredit her husband, former ambassador Joe Wilson.

Here. Let Guckert spin like a top:
[T]he Washington journalism elites knew all about Wilson and his wife. Let me tell you about Washington, it’s a very small town, a company town. Everyone’s identity inside the Beltway is attached to who it is they work for. By all accounts, Plame has been stateside for the past six years, a disqualifying factor in the “covert” business. In the unlikely circumstance that she had still been classified as a secret agent, her marriage to the flamboyant, self-important, publicity-seeking Wilson and their Washington socializing was what “outed” her, not anyone at the White House.
Guckert's claim is refuted by Plame's neighbors, who told the FBI that they knew Plame as a mom of twins who worked for an energy company. They didn't know she was a spy. But everybody should know that James Guckert is a traitor. He thinks it's OK to out a CIA agent in (as the GOP likes to say) a time of war.

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