Wednesday, October 26, 2005


As we recently posted, the ad by the Public Campaign Action Fund links Rep. Roy Blunt to Rep. Tom DeLay.

Now, the Joplin Independent reports that some local television stations are refusing to run the ad. PCAF claims Blunt used lawyers who bullied the local NBC and ABC affiliates into not running the spot. From the story:
“It’s clear that Tom DeLay’s replacement doesn’t want his constituents to see this ad,” said David Donnelly, National Campaigns Director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “We applaud those stations that have shown their commitment to the facts and the First Amendment by continuing to run this ad, despite Roy Blunt’s attempts to bully it off the air.

“The stations who have caved in to Blunt’s bullying, KYTV, KSPR, KFJX and KOAM, are failing in their role as stewards of the public airwaves, and are complicit in Blunt’s efforts to sweep the facts under the rug,” Donnelly continued, singling out the four stations. “These TV stations are putting their fear of Roy Blunt ahead of their duty to the public.”
Springfield stations KOLR and KDEB are reportedly still going ahead with their ad flights. CHATTER has a call in to KYTV General Manager Mike Scott; we'll let you know what we hear.

Note: Hat tip to John Stone at Curbstone Critic for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

Were those stations obligated to run the ad? Isn't part of free commerce that you can choose who you do business with?

Ron Davis said...

Absolutely right. The sport is also an issue ad, not a campaign commercial, so different rules apply (and your mileage may vary).