Friday, October 14, 2005


Kinney is 63 and has been around since 1971, serving as assistant parks director until 1977, and then as bossman ever since. From the city:
Under Kinney’s leadership, the parks system has grown from 33 parks and recreation facilities in 1971 to 88 in 2005, including new community centers, historic parks, neighborhood parks, an indoor ice facility, an indoor/outdoor skatepark, and more than 50 miles of linear parks. The Parks Department’s annual budget has grown from $857,000 in 1971 to a current budget of more than $25 million.
Who takes over? None other than Jodie Adams, 48, the current assistant director and a bad-ass in her own right. Said Bill Smillie of the Park Board: “This community should be very grateful to Dan for the extraordinary growth of the Parks system under his leadership. We feel very confident that Jodie Adams has the energy, drive and determination to continue making the Parks system one of our most valuable community assets.”

The city's news release hit at 1:44 this afternoon. Six minutes earlier, MIT gave us the solid scoop. Always good to be In The Loop.

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