Monday, November 14, 2005


The teen was wanted in the deaths of his girlfriend's parents in Pennsylvania. He was arrested in Indiana. From The Associated Press:
State Police 1st Sgt. Dave Bursten said Ludwig, 18, was apprehended about 12:30 p.m. EST after a car he was driving crashed about 20 miles west of Indianapolis following a pursuit by State Police.

Bursten said Ludwig was found with the missing girl, 14-year-old, Kara Beth Borden, a daughter of the slain couple, and she was unharmed."He's in custody and we have the girl," Bursten said.

Footage from mews helicopters showed a girl sitting in a police cruiser, and a young man wearing a gray T-shirt was handcuffed sitting next to a red Volkswagen Jetta that had run head-on into a large tree on a curve of a rural road.

The man was led by police officers to a waiting State Police car.

Pennsylvania police said Ludwig killed Borden's parents, Michael F. and Cathryn Lee Borden, both 50, early Sunday after they and their daughter argued about her curfew. The shootings took place at the family's home in Warwick Township, about 60 miles west of Philadelphia.

Police said that Kara Beth was believed to be Ludwig's girlfriend.
Ludwig and his girlfriend had been out Saturday night, according to earlier reports. The parents said they wanted to talk with Ludwig on Sunday. Police say he brought a gun to that get-together.

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