Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The new congresswoman from Ohio -- Wednesday marks her 80th day in office -- stuck both feet in her mouth last week when she took to the floor of the House of Representatives and flung the word "coward" in the direction of Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), a retired Marine who served with distinction in Vietnam.

Schmidt claimed the C-word came from a Marine Corps colonel now serving in the Ohio House. Specifically, she said the colonel "asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message: That cowards cut and run, Marines never do."

The Cincinnati Enquirer tracked down Schmidt's source. His name is Danny Bubp. And he says Jean Schmidt is full of ... well, read on:
Danny Bubp, a freshman state representative who is a colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve, told The Enquirer that he never mentioned Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., by name when talking with Schmidt, and he would never call a fellow Marine a coward.

"The unfortunate thing about all of that is that her choice of words on the floor of the House - I don't know, she's a freshman, she had one minute.

"Unfortunately, they came out wrong," said Bubp, R-West Union ...

Bubp, who has served in the Marine Corps Reserve for 27 years, including three years of active duty, said he called Schmidt on Friday afternoon to discuss the resolution that called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq - not to talk about Murtha.

The House nonbinding resolution failed by a 403-3 vote.

"There was no discussion of him personally being a coward or about any person being a coward," Bubp said. "My message to the folks in Washington, D.C., and to all the Congress people up there, is to stay the course. We cannot leave Iraq or cut and run - any terminology that you want to use."
Schmidt could say her source is wrong, but that would be calling a Marine a liar. She could claim responsibility for the Murtha remark, but that would be calling a Marine a coward. Checkmate.

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