Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Docs get it back. From the Telegraph:
A boy of 11 whose nose was bitten off by a dog has had it sewn back on after it was retrieved from the animal's stomach.

The remarkable operation in the Czech Republic is the first of its kind and was hailed by surgeons yesterday as a "great success".

The child was mauled by an alsatian in the village of Lipova. His father rushed him to hospital where quick-thinking surgeons telephoned the vet charged with destroying the dog. They ordered him to open up the animal's stomach and search for the boy's nose.

It was still in one piece, although doctors were concerned about infection. But the nose was thoroughly sterilised and after the 11-hour operation the boy's sense of smell is not affected and he can breathe normally.

Prof Jiri Vesely, chief plastic surgeon at St Anna Hospital, Brno, said: "We thought it was worth checking inside the dog in case it hadn't chewed it. It was a great discovery to find he had swallowed it whole. It was intact."
Intact, sure, but we wouldn't want that thing on our face.


Anonymous said...

Intact, sure, but we wouldn't want that thing on our face.

Why??? Wouldn't help .. but wouldn't hurt either.....

Anonymous said...

It's a comfort to know the Czech bounced back. Woulda been even worse if the pooch woulda passed the proboscis before they tried to stitch it back on. Some bitch, indeed!