Wednesday, December 14, 2005


And there's a picture! From everyone's favorite mid-week read, the Yemen Times:
Doctors and nurses at Al-Jomhouri Hospital were surprised on Monday morning while delivering a newborn who was shaped as a frog. The mother, 18, who requested not to be identified, attributed the strange shape to the consumption of drugs during her pregnancy without consulting the physician.

According to her, the medicines she used to take were indisposed analgesics under the term of Vulturine and others without visiting doctors because there isn't any health unit in her locality or close to her residence. The lady was compelled by her relatives to buy analgesics from grocers in the neighborhood.

Nevertheless, the lady had visited the hospital one month prior to her delivery as she has been suffering from severe pains in the left side of her abdomen, the pain was severe to the extent that she was unable to sit down, and made her relatives take her to the hospital with the belief that she had kidney-related problems. After diagnosing her, physicians discovered that the fetus was dead and has congenital deformity and the mother was in a condition of parturition.
Sure, blame it on the grocer's analgesics.


Anonymous said...

Heh. Wonder if she'll name the kid "Tad."

Anonymous said...

This post is useless without pictures

Ron Davis said...

Click the link, ya lazy bum.

Anonymous said...

are you guys all stupid this it a verry uncommen birthdefect where the top of the skull is missing and the brain is exposed and maby evean sometimes missing parts of it .. the poor little baby wouldnt have survived the babys born like this never do .my baby brother had this defect and passed away befor birth .. so stupid people stop makeing fun of this it is not funny it is verry tragic .. when any baby dies so all of you stop makeing fun and accually try to understand