Monday, December 19, 2005


Remember Saddam's evil henchmen (and women)? So dastardly that we dropped bombs on them? So dangerous we put their images on a deck of playing cards? Yeah, those peeps.

You probably missed the announcement, but those baddies are no longer bad. Breaking News in Ireland has a Monday-morning moaner:
Notorious Saddam-Hussein-era officials have been released from jail in Iraq and some have already left the country, an Iraqi lawyer said today.

A legal official in Baghdad said between 24 and 25 top former officials in Saddam Hussein’s government have been freed, including Rihab Taha, known as Dr Germ, and Huda Salih Ammash, known as as Mrs Anthrax.

The Iraqi lawyer, Badee Izzat Aref, said some of those released were his clients.

“The release was an American-Iraqi decision and in line with an Iraqi government ruling made in December 2004, but hasn’t been enforced until after the elections in an attempt to ease the political pressure in Iraq,” Aref said.

Iraqi officials and the US military did not immediately confirm that information.

Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson, the spokesman for the US-led Multinational Force, did say that US officials on Saturday released eight people formerly designated as high-value detainees, after a board process found they were no longer a security threat.
Guess Saddam is no longer Hitler. Otherwise we just let Goering and Hess go free.

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Anonymous said...

Your analogy seems accurate, and the situation ludicrous.

What the heck do you even say to something like that?

I'm practically dumbfounded...

This is almost as good as the OJ Simpson and Jeffrey Dahmer Cutlery and Cookbook set I was going to buy for the ex-wife this christmas, and just about as tasteful for the governments involved to have done.

All jokes (in poor taste or not) aside, that's really disturbing. They've just been set to walk free.