Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This according to CNN. The network says Jack Abramoff will cop to a corruption charge in exchange for 10 years, max. Abramoff is supposed to roll and tell what he knows. It's expected that up to six congressmen could be implicated.

The New York Times says Abramoff will plead to three felonies -- fraud, public corruption and tax evasion. Tom DeLay is in trouble today.

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Anonymous said...

This will be the top story of 2006. I am hearing that as many as 60 congressmen may be at least tainted, if not corrupt, some very surprising names from the demo side too. Maxine Waters, Harry Reid, for instance. Since Mr. Big has rolled it's just a matter of how deep the prosecutors want to go. It sounds so far like they are willing to go all the way.

And of course, our own is right in there toward the top of the list. It is going to be hard for Blunt to say he just accepted all these favors because he tought he was doing good legislation. Plus his contribution to the Delay defense fund, plus now the guestions that are arising about whether he and Matt were involved in Delay's money laundering schemes.

I think the potential impact on next year's elections will be huge.

In a way it's a shame that America has come to the point where the only way to get the rascals out of office is to put them in jail, rather than have fair systems out there to vote them out.