Monday, January 23, 2006


We never cease to be amazed at some of those who emerge from their burrows under rocks and insist on showing their ignorance to fellow humans.

Monday's case in point: Jason Johnson of Springfield, who pens a letter to the editor of the local paper about the evildoers who criticize George W. Bush.

Mr. Johnson is especially peeved at a guy named Ralph Hasler, who dared call Bush the worst president of all time. Johnson replies:
How quickly does he forget the horrors Saddam created? The terrorist training camps in his country and his support for al-Qaida through the oil-for-food program is proof-positive he meant to do us harm. I guess paying Hamas to bomb Israeli children on their way to school is not reason enough for Mr. Hasler to declare war. Who should protect these innocent children? If Bush lied, then Clinton lied when he declared Saddam a serious threat.
So much crap in one paragraph!

He's got the discredited Saddam-and-Qaeda line. Then Johnson assumes we all live in Israel and must wage war to avenge dead Israeli children. Then Johnson pulls out the GOP's favorite voodoo doll -- Bill Clinton -- and tries to create moral equivalency, while conveniently forgetting that Clinton didn't send troops into Baghdad.

The entire putrid letter can be found here. This is what happens when blatant partisans take a country to war. They like to wallow in blood.

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