Monday, January 30, 2006


Heather Williams may be a nice person, but she's a terrible pharmacist.

She used to work part-time for Target in St. Charles. But she's anti-abortion, so she refused to dispense or offer referrals for Plan B, a morning-after contraceptive.

No surprise that Williams lost her job; that's what happens when you refuse to follow your employer's orders. But Williams and her anti-abortion peers think they're above the rules. This week they plan to flood Jefferson City with hype aimed at passing a bill that would give pharmacists "protection" from mean bosses who want them to fill prescriptions.

The anti-abortionists are gloating. Williams told the Post-Dispatch that she "just can't be a link in the chain" of abortion, because "for me, life begins with two cells."

She's complaining to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Missouri. She says Target isn't to blame; it's that evil Planned Parenthood, Williams claims, because PP pushed pharmacies to fill prescriptions for emergency contraceptives.

In other words, Target fired Williams because she admits to not doing her job. Wanna hear a funny? Williams told the Post-Dispatch:
“I’m not in judgment of anyone. I want my right not to fill something, much as they have their right to get Plan B filled.”
Want your right not to fill something? Buy your own pharmacy, stock it with the drugs you want, reject the customers you don't want. Or try this Plan B: Quit being a pharmacist.


Anonymous said...

Yet the liberals would be jumping up and down and crying "Foul" if a Muslim were fired for standing by his/ her religious beliefs.

Ron Davis said...

Actually, anon, "the liberals" just want the pharmacist to do her job, regardless of her private religious beliefs.

One would think "the conservatives" would agree. But it seems they're too busy trying to get government to do their bidding.

Anonymous said...

Question for Anon and who agree with Williams:

I work for a convenience store which sells cigarettes. I firmly believe cigarettes kill people and just can't be a link in the chain of cancer. I refuse to sell cigarettes to any customer. Can my employer fire me?

Anonymous said...

Different Anonymous here...

Convenience store clerk can be fired.

Pharmacist who works for Target or Walgreeens can be fired.

But should a Pharmacist who works for themselves be forced to dispense stuff that goes against what they beleive.

What do Liberals think of THAT particular CHOICE?

Anonymous said...

I believe Ron answered that question in his final graph.
If you own the pharmacy, you can choose not to sell it.
If you don't, you're like a Hebrew behind the meat counter of Dillon's.
Push the pig, or get a new job.

Anonymous said...

At least one "conservative" does agree.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much ink this story would merit if it involved a Scientologist fired for refusing to dispense anti-depressants. Not much, I'd wager.

Ron Davis said...

If the Scientologist was pushing for legislation to protect her job because of her religious beliefs, you'd probably see a lot of publicity.