Monday, January 30, 2006


To our readers on the other side of Atlantic: Perhaps one of you would be so kind as to flip over to Channel 4 on Monday night to watch "Perfect Penis." We've just found a promo for the show that aroused our interest:
Knob, dick, tool, John Thomas, spam javelin, schlong, the sergeant with the one blue stripe who loves to stand to attention: You’d be surprised how little you know about the skin chimney. Although many men may brag, people rarely talk about the little chap. In this unique trilogy of frank documentaries we examine the myths, the realities and the stories behind the last taboo.
You mean Donald Pump? The Trembling Torpedo? Jack Kerouwacker? The Sixth Beatle?


Anonymous said...

Three more: *
The loaded love lugar
The purple helmeted warrior
and, the most disturbing:
The Virgin Surgeon

Anonymous said...

Finally, this Blog is on to something inteesting. Bout time.
Oh, one you forgot, gristle whistle.

DocLarry said...

Heh. Remember the original promo for the PBS children's show, Barney and Friends?

"He's big. He's purple. He's happy to see you."


Anonymous said...

LOL, i love the name of the site:
World of wonder!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget:

Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

Tony said...

Good Job! :)