Wednesday, February 01, 2006


KYTV's Dave Catanese is in Washington, D.C., covering the Thursday vote for House Majority Leader. Rep. Roy Blunt is in the lead to replace Tom DeLay. Truly the biggest local political story in decades, so of course KYTV is there.

Place your wagers now, kids -- will Blunt become The Man, or fade into the back benches? Not quite a month ago we said Blunt could use the time to shore up support and distance himself from DeLay. Most wise guys think he's probably going to win on Thursday. Being Majority Whip, he certainly has the best organization for victory.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notice of DC in DC, Ron. The more the decision makers see that sort of thing, the more they make that sort of thing happen.

I gave up gambling for '06, but if I hadn't I'd bet the house (pun intended) that he wins.
It was his job to lose, and he didn't do anything to lose it.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I gave up gambling.
I would be homeless right now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, from the sound of things at the DC Capitol we'll just have to wait until the 2008 Missouri goobernator election before we see the headline:


Amy said...

Guess not. John Boehner got the job.