Friday, February 24, 2006


This week's interview with Officer Matt Brown should spark good public discussion, especially about the relationship between police and the local black community. Click here to get to the audio podcast, or visit "Street Talk" at its homepage.

This week's show airs again at 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Matt Brown is very good at what he does, but something about that interview bothered me, here's what I think it is.

Matt paints the Chief as being firmly in control of his department. The Chief's "command decision" is treated as word of gawd by the officers. Just on general knowledge I have a hard time buying this. We all know of the talk that goes on in the PD locker room, which is definitely NOT intended for public consumption. How much of this locker room bully-boy, street-talk, is translated to their actions in public? I find it hard to believe after you have presented yourself as "owning the streets" in the locker room that you are going out and making yourself look small by letting the public own the streets.

If there is a problem, and I think there is, it has to change with the attitude of the individual cop and how he/she views her job. Is it service? Or is it to play a TV character and enjoy the adrenaline rush of what they all seem to enjoy doing -- duking it out with bad guys?