Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This Four Memes business -- or as we like to say in the Ozarks, "bidness" -- has infected much of the local blogosphere, and we will be damned if we do not follow suit.

You've seen our list. Now comes our shout-out to four brave bloggers who should be up to the task.

•Joe Hadsall, the In The Mailbox dude.

•Richard Davis, Slice of Home scribe and younger and better-looking brother of the CHATTER chief typist.

•Randy Turner, author of The Turner Report.

•Michael at Holy Grail Press.

Gentlemen, you have been tagged.


Anonymous said...

OK....the deed is done...and sorry about the blogroll...beent oo busy with other crap to figure out I was missing some links. OOPS.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ron... I need to mail you something. Get in touch with me via the GCLP e-mail link.

Have a government-approved day!

Anonymous said...

This 4 memes thing is the biggest waste of blog space I've ever seen...

Anonymous said...

so much for news. must be a slow day.