Thursday, February 23, 2006


A guy in Mill Valley, Calif., mailed a half-pound of pot, cops say. Too bad the address label fell off, or the dude forgot to put it. All that remained was a return address.

Thus is our sad tale of woe. Steven Coburn, 48, was busted Tuesday. When cops searched his home they found another 1.5 pounds of marijuana. They think he was selling it.

Cops say Coburn tried to mail the package on Feb. 16. The mailing company opened the package when they couldn't find an address label. Once they found the weed, they squealed to The Man.

Coburn is in jail, charged with possession with intent to sell.


Anonymous said...

Intent may be hard to prove if he forgot the label.

Anonymous said...

Label, schmabel. Doesn't matter if he mailed it or not, or even if he labeled it or not. Long as he possessed a half pound, the law's presumption is that's not a personal consumption amount, so he'll take the hit for intent to sell.

I halfway feel sorry for the poor dumb bastard. This is your no-brainer, on drugs...

Anonymous said...

Presumption, schmumption, what a great way to frame someone!

Get a half pound of grass, put it in a box with THEIR return address on it and NO mailing address, drop it in a public mailbox and voila!

"Aw, you're going to jail for 10 months? Well, maybe you'll think twice the next time you decide you want to 'see other people.'"

Anonymous said...

Wow, JJ, remind us never to piss you off, but if we do, please don't waste a good half-pounder on the effort to screw us over, ok?