Thursday, March 09, 2006


Dubai Ports is apparently going ahead with a deal to take control of six big U.S. ports -- even though a congressional committee put the ixnay on the plan during a Wednesday vote.

Reaction from the members of Free Republic includes this classic post from someone with the screen name Flavius Josephus:
Two Words: Bring. It. On.
What. A. Maroon.


Anonymous said...


The Freepers took out after me yesterday. Very entertaining. But also creepy. They actually stalked me. Yikes!

"Maroon" sums up most of it. Although I feel sorrow for the few who seemed to be trying to discuss the matter intelligently. Or, yeah, this is re: yesterday's banner story in the N-L.

--A. Cline

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are the idiots that a destroying with their trash talk. One is more than likely the middle-aged doofus (although he claimed to be an appliance repairman) that decided that he could just barge into a radio station, tell them he was better than their current on-air talent, become "the next Rush Limbaugh" and threaten to have anyone who crossed him fired or beat up. Trust me, I crossed swords with him and he has never let me live it down.

John Stone said...

The thread on MissouriRadioForums about the kind of boss Ken Meyers is was one of the funniest things I have read in ages. I have the distinct honor or being thrown off it - twice - but don't tell anyone --- I'm baaaaack .....

I had a comment posted to one of my old blogs from the GAL (that one is the Gutless Anonymous Liar) who manages to only read my blog at least three months late. I had to steal a link from the CHATTERismist-guy just for him ...