Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We taped on Tuesday, as usual, though the show was anything but usual -- an editorial meeting, a half-hour of tossing around story ideas and trying to show viewers how the process works.

Great fun was had by all, but it really didn't work. It's one thing to discuss those stories in free-form fashion, another to edit it into cohesive form. Commander Gerald, the director, tried mightily, by all accounts. But it's the diff between chicken salad and chicken, um, litter.

In lieu of the editorial meeting -- known forevermore as the Bootleg Tape -- we're running an encore of our chit-chat with KYTV's Jerry Jacob. Shows already planned for the next several weeks, so we're back with a fresh STREET TALK on March 15.

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Anonymous said...

I'm SO bummed my utterance of the word "pee" won't make it on television. Sigh.