Friday, March 10, 2006


Our early warning that Frazier Glenn Miller was running for Congress was only the first word in what has become a race to see who can flee the racist's clutches.

The Democrats returned his filing fee. Republicans said they didn't want him. It looked like Miller was heading for the Libertarians. But as you'll see from the comments posted on our earlier entry, the Libertarians are already preparing to repel a Miller invasion:
Hey, we don't want him, either. We're not racists.

We're going to have an exec conference about this freak Miller.

He's not running AS a Libertarian... he's just trying to avoid running as a write-in or an independent. He just wants a flag to run under, and we were next on the list.

He does not have our support, and on the local level we will be just as vocal about not supporting this freak as any rational person should.
In other 7th District news, Roy Blunt ended speculation on Friday and filed for reelection at 3:32 p.m. Two hours earlier, Frazier Glenn Miller filed as a Libertarian.

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Anonymous said...

And then, the N-L puts the headline "Libertarians consider racist filer" in todays' edition...

We're holding a conference Sunday, to discuss what to do with this guy. We have a few concerns:

1. If we reject him, will he try to sue us? We don't have armies of lawyers and piles of money, like the RepubliCrats.

2. Or, will he and his kind seek OTHER kinds of retribution?

3. Does rejecting a candidate - no matter how vile - harken back to the days of party bosses in smoke-filled rooms?

The deeper I dug in the Google pile, the more disgusted I got with this man. He describes us as an "anything-goes" party, which means he's not done his homework and is just looking for a banner to fly, to avoid getting independent signatures or filing as a write-in.

Miller has no home here, no matter what.