Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Rachel Holt is 34. Her alleged victim is 13. Cops say Holt once let the boy's 12-year-old friend watch them have sex. The wires report it this way:
Holt, a science teacher at Claymont Elementary School, was arrested early Tuesday and charged with rape, providing alcohol to a minor and unlawfully dealing with a child, authorities said. Acting county Police Chief Lt. Col. Scott McLaren said the boy’s father contacted authorities after becoming suspicious that his son was having an inappropriate relationship with his teacher. Authorities said Holt took the boy out for dinner and allowed him to drive her vehicle.

Police began an investigation after the victim's father told police his son was having an inappropriate relationship with his teacher, New Castle police told reporters Tuesday.

The father "also indicated his son had lied to him about staying at a relative's home while he stayed overnight at Holt's residence," according to the county police Web site.

The affidavit in the case states Holt knew the victim's father would disapprove of the boy spending the night at her residence, and alleges Holt phoned the boy's father's girlfriend, pretended to be the boy's mother and obtained permission for the boy to stay at her Wilmington, Delaware, home.

Holt was jailed and bail set at $500,000. She has been placed on leave until further notice, school administrators said.
The News-Journal has the best quote of all:
Taylor Davis, 14, who was in Holt's homeroom, recalled how the teacher wouldn't crack down on rule infractions, such as students having untucked shirttails or eating candy during class.

"She was like the best teacher in the whole school," she said.


Anonymous said...

This is the new math:

Thirteen goes into 34...28 times a day!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the mug shots yet, but I understand from reports that she looks a lot like who Yahoo Personals! picked for me one week -- who went by the name of "Three Dogs" -- but she only had two pets -- and one of them was a cat.