Thursday, April 27, 2006


Pamela Rogers of Tennessee was arrested earlier this month for allegedly getting back in contact with the 13-year-old student she'd seduced.

Well, cops say she's gone and done it again, sending naked pics and vid of herself to the kid. The cops are holding her without bail. The Dickson Herald reports:
Her arrest this week stems from further allegations that she has had extensive contact with the boy and his family, including calls, e-mails and text messages along with the nude photos and sex videos, court documents allege. Some of the naked photos and videos she sent after her most recent court appearance on April 12, a warrant says.

"These were videos of (the) defendant involved in sexual activity and she was nude in the pictures," the warrant says. "Defendant requested from victim that he send pictures and videos and phone records indicated she received same on her phone."

Rogers text-messaged the boy using a cell phone belonging to the Fentress County Board of Education, court documents allege. Rogers' father is a longtime basketball coach at Clarkrange High School in that county.

The first text message was sent on March 19, asking "do you still love me." Other messages include:

• March 19: "Always still? R u still waitn? Or do u want me 2 try to move on wit my life? I miss u so much. I wish I could tlk 2 u."

• March 19: "Hey did u kno that ur numb is the year I graduated hi sch and yr I was born?" Authorities have previously alleged that Rogers made MySpace posts addressed to the teen via his basketball jersey number.

• "Good Morning and I love u always. Thank u 4 makin me the happiest person n the world! I wil have this fone 2nite an 2moro I have 2 go 2 c a counselor a sex one." Court documents did not specify a date on which this message was sent.

• "Hey Baby. Save this numb under a dudes name." No date was listed for this message.

• April 3: "I thought u said u got over that s girl this past summer? What am I 2 believe? What u said or what I feel? So I am suppost 2 wait while u r doing that. No lies."

Along with the text messages, Rogers has contacted the boy by phone and had oral conversations with him as recently as last Wednesday, the affidavit said. She also added the boy to her MSN Messenger "buddy list" and created a Web account for which she provided the boy with the password, court records allege.
Nutty. But still hot. Very hot.


John Stone said...

"...had oral conversations.."

(Cough, cough, sigh)

Larry Litle said...

The sad thing is that I was thinking the same thing that John was.

Are there no eligible men in her age range? What is wrong with this woman? I have seen a bunch of strange things in the psych field but she is an original.

John Stone said...

Sad ....????

Oh well, so much for bipartisanship ...


A.McSholty said...

Disturbed. VERY disturbed.

Larry Litle said...

I meant no offense John. It was sad that my mind went down that gutter. I was not saying that I am sad that yours was already there. LOL

John Stone said...

Shoot, Larry, I discovered a long time ago that it's hard to fall out of a gutter ...