Thursday, April 27, 2006


Four men are already charged with assault in the beating of Joshua Mincks. More could be busted, the Greene County prosecutor says, but there are problems with the investigation.

Thursday's News-Leader reports:
At least three witnesses told police they saw Mincks' attackers jump up and down on a car while he was pinned under it. But Moore said detectives now doubt the accounts.

"The police are frustrated. I'm frustrated," Moore said. "I've made it clear I would like to know the person or persons who inflicted the serious injury on this young man and hold them accountable, but it's a mess."
In the immediate aftermath of the beating, there was much speculation that race had something to do with it. Mincks is white; the four men charged with assault are black.

Deep in the News-Leader story -- five grafs from the bottom -- the victim's grandmother, Sue Mincks, makes some startling disclosures:
She said she learned from police that an argument over a woman may have preceded the attack, a detail not confirmed by police or prosecutors.

Police are still investigating the assault and haven't ruled out the possibility that it may have been racially motivated. Mincks is white; his attackers were black.

Her grandson, Sue Mincks said, is not a racist — but she did confirm that one of his many tattoos is a swastika: "That has nothing to do with what happened here," she said. "And does that entail you get a beating?"
No, but it's certainly asking for one.


Anonymous said...

>No, but it's certainly asking for one.

Are you condoning pre-meditated felony assault?

Ron Davis said...

anon: No, I'm noting that a swastika tattoo is not the best way to make friends.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're on the job Ron. Jericho had this on on his show 2-weeks ago.

Ron Davis said...



Anonymous said...

You are soooo predictable. Someone calls you to account and you lash outT HE NEWEST NICKNAME. Typical. Can't deal with facts resort to name calling and trying to desparage someone's good name. Thank you Ron!

Anonymous said...

Gee Vinny, overly sensitive, aren't we? At least Ron allows posters to criticize him and doesn't screen out those who disagree, unlike you. Typical conservative hack coward.

Ron Davis said...

Funny how the 2:24 p.m. "anon" just happens to have poor typing skills ("had this on on his show") and a lack of comma sense (you're on the job Ron) -- the very traits Mr. Jericho exhibits ("you lash outT HE" and "Thank you Ron!").


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