Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Nora Walcott, executive director of the Greene County Democrats, resigned this week; she'll reportedly stay in her post until the end of May. Reason for her leaving? More time to spend with her family, of course. It's more likely that Walcott will do some political work for Rep. Sara Lampe (she did that duty and helped get Lampe elected in 2004).

A good time for the executive director of local Dems to quit? No way.


Anonymous said...

Nora Walcott-Cox resigned as Executive Director of the Greene County Central Committee. Nora publicly stated the reasons for resignation includes a mental breakdown. Other reasons include wanting to spend more time with her family.


Anonymous said...

If it results in someone stronger being brought in, it's a great time for it to happen. Would you rather she wait until a week before the primary to throw in the towel?

Anonymous said...

Nora did a great job.