Wednesday, April 26, 2006


With Tony Snow now safely seated as spokesman for the Bush Administration, expect to see:
•Less-contentious press gaggles for the rest of the week.
•More scrutiny of Snow's past as a columnist, especially given his history of likening Bush to "a soul tortured with Tourette's."
•More grumbling from pundits who think Snow is nothing but a taller Scott McClellan.
•Less reliance on narrow White House talking points.
Our prediction: Snow lasts eight months before he resigns to spend more time with his family. By then the Democrats will have regained control of either the House or the Senate, and a spokesman will not cure the Bush Administration.


Anonymous said...

Giving Snow eight months to melt is overly generous. I'm predicting he'll be gone in four or less.

Shades of Gerald Ford's attempt to use former NBC newsman Ron Nessen as a lipsticked pig to cozy up to the press corps. That stunt didn't work for either side, and neither will this.

Anonymous said...

My guess: He'll make it to Labor Day.

--A. Cline

Anonymous said...

Out of all the Fox News anchors, I admire Tony Snow.

Then again, liberals wouldn't be happy if Bush put Helen Thomas in as McClellan's replacement... >;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the libertarian guy. I like Tony. I think he will be a breath of fresh air. I predict he makes it through the rest the term.

Anonymous said...

Tony Snow may very well feel like a breath of fresh air, at least compared to "Beat Me Up" Scotty, but the fact remains that the patient (Bush) still has chronic asthma.

Anonymous said...

What's with CNN insisting that the admin use its network? That's like the News-Leader telling the City Star Chamber - er, Council - it can't read the Community Free Press.

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