Monday, April 24, 2006


Well, this is certainly sucky news. The Springfieldian has apparently been hijacked and taken over by something called E-commerce Summary.

What's it all mean, Stimpy? Unknown. If you've a clue, let us know. We're still trying to iron out bugs that have prevented us from posting for the past day. Sorry for the chatter interruptus.


Anonymous said...

My guess would be that their blog rot was fatal, blogger dumped them and a scum bag link farmer has setup shop on their old domain, which does decently in google.
The posts are all by amazonalpha1 which is probably a content bot.
The links go to which is an SEO/Adsense site.
Ambatch is privately registered, but is pointed at nameservers on (which is deadlinked)
amazonbeta =~ amazonalpha. I see a theme.
Moral of the story:
Bog rot is not only bad for your rep, but is bad for the internet by allowing scumo SEOs to hijack your old content for their purposes.

Ron Davis said...

Thom: Thanks for the education. Sad about The Springfieldian.

Buzz Bruggeman defines "blog rot" as "not staying in the game and offering up great stuff on a daily basis."

Anonymous said...

I liked the site but, yeah, they were infrequent at best.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly not one to harp on infrequent blogging (I'm guilty as anyone), but I think there was a grand total of one post on that site in all of 2006, and if I recall that was the first week of January. It's been defunct for a while.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I'll never have a month-long blogrot again.

Anonymous said...

Nothin' I hate more than a scumbag link farmer, feastin' off blogrot .... unless it's a no-good blogsquatter like Notafinga ...