Thursday, June 01, 2006


Now that Nora Walcott has stepped down as executive director of the Greene County Democrats, talk of her replacement is making rounds with party insiders.

Walcott managed the 2004 campaign of Sara Lampe, now running for reelection in the Missouri House of Representatives. Two years ago, Lampe whipped up on a Democratic challenger named Matthew Patterson.

So who's the rumored front-runner for Walcott's old job? None other than Matthew Patterson. He's far from a consensus candidate, and several people say party leaders haven't decided how to structure the executive director's job. But his name's the strongest one in the pipeline.

Speaking of politics: David Catanese has a couple new posts up at the KY-3 political blog about the failure of Democrats to field a strong challenger against Rep. Roy Blunt, and the need for Democrats to challenge Republicans in all races. Worth your reading time.


Anonymous said...

Here is the problem with the Dems. They have no one who is worth a damn. Don't get me wrong but... they sit and bitch and wring their hands about how bad the Elephants are but they have no ideas. As soon as it's time for a plan they come out with the same party line pablam that rings completely hollow with SW MO voters. Ideas, that is what people want.
They won't respond to leaders who assume positions becuse they work for they guy who runs the party. Patterson had a hollow campaign and no one responded to it, so what will the dems do?-put him in charge. I wonder why we lose?

Anonymous said...

Are you claiming the Republicans have new ideas? They have demonstrated no ability to run government only the ability to profit from it. They win with vague descriptions of moral values aired in pretty TV commercials paid for by interests which lack moral values. That is why the Repubs are so eager to get rid of contribution limits. Democrats who have new ideas most often lose because of a lack of cash. The local media won't cover things for free anymore. It is too much work and doesn't generate enough profit. Voters never hear the ideas Democrats promote because the candidates don't have the cash to buy the time. Besides meaningful ideas can't be discussed in 30 second TV spots. As long as they are the primary means of communication by politicians voters will never hear a meaningful new idea from a politician. Lampe was a great candidate but she wouldn't have won if she hadn't raised the cash.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for proving my point.

Anonymous said...

The claim that Democrats have no new ideas is not a new idea but an old line from a Republican playbook which is shouted loudly nearly every election by those hoping to mask the sounds of calls for new ideas and change from voters ears. To hear new ideas one must be able to sort out extraneous noise and be willing to listen with an open mind. To understand a new idea one must have a vision for a different future. If you failed to perceive new ideas in the messagres of Democrats look first within yourself.

Anonymous said...

Again, anonymous proves my point.
I'm not even a republican. And I am far from fooled by pr spinners.

"I have a plan..."
John Kerry 2004

My point is there is no united opposition. There is no candidate. And until there is a person who can articulate a vision that people will rally and fight for we have nothing.
Just a buch of whinny liberals who can do nothing but huddle in groups and bitch to sympathetic ears about how evil W. is. Well guess what, The Democratic party sucks too. Nanci Pelosi and Harry Reid are weak and smarmy. Hillary is a sure loser. Howard Dean is a disaster. John Kerry blew it for the same reason al Gore did. John Edwards hasn't got the juice and neither does anyone else in the national spotlight except Obama who is the only light in the room. The only problem with the Senator from Illinois is he is too young politicaly. The best we can hope for is a McCain victory in 08 with a divided legislature.

Anonymous said...

Notafinga should have filed against Roy and show us how to make new ideas heard in the 7th district... without cash. I am sure all the great ideas would have been immediately adopted by the good Christian Republican people of the 7th on pure merit alone. The 2 mill Roy would spend bashing the good ideas with TV ads produced by the counrtry's top political consultants wouldn't dent the voters perception of the ideas because of their obvious brillance.

But instead it would probably be easier for Notagfinga to stay home and complain about the lack of quality of the new ideas being presented by Democrats.

By the way just what is the point I keep making for you?

Anonymous said...

Vincent David Jericho for Congress.
Send VD to DC!

Anonymous said...

Even as fuel prices skyrocket,
US casualities in Iran skyrocket,
Interest rates skyrocket,
lumber prices skyrocket,
etc, etc,

The republican controlled government prepares to vote on the marriage amendment.

What a way to mobilize your base.

I tell people, vote your pocketbook.

but, two men kissing and abortion pre-empts common sense.

Anonymous said...

Patterson's a good guy. He'll certainly do better than Nora ever dreamed of doing.