Friday, June 23, 2006


Long-time readers of this typing may remember back to the iBlog days, before that software "solution" came crashing down around our ankles, leaving CHATTER in so many little pieces.

We switched to Blogger, a happy little place with few software glitches and an easy interface. But it's a little static, you know? Not enough options for us, especially given this mad itch we have to podcast and vidcast.

So we're doing a little experimenting -- not enough to make us blind -- and by weekend's end, we hope to have a whiz-bang dot-com CHATTER site up and running. We'll keep this Blogger site going through the transition.

The future address is -- the best we could do because of these lazy bums. Keep close; we'll keep you posted on the move.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh, love the photo. Do you have that on canvas? Can't wait for the new site.