Thursday, June 22, 2006


Roy Temple at Fired Up Missouri uncovered what he's calling a "stupid GOP political trick" involving the 30th District senate race between Doug Harpool and Norma Champion.

As Temple discovered:
The website is registered to David Barklage, who last time I checked, was not working for Harpool. This practice was edgy and clever ten years ago. It's way beyond played at this point. Barklage should turn the domain name over to Harpool and his campaign.

And before this starts some stupid flame war, if there are Democrats doing this to GOP candidates, which I don't know that to be the case, they should likewise turn over the site to the respective GOP candidate.
David Barklage is the former chief of staff to Lt. Gov Peter Kinder. He's also a committeeman for the Missouri Republican State Committee.


Anonymous said...

Currently nobody owns
Somebody should buy that and then force a trade.

Anonymous said...

For more fun with Temple check out Messengers blog.

Anonymous said...

I'll trade David, two for one: if he'll give up I'll give up mattblunt2008 and blunt08

If that a deal or WHAT?

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of website names that are bought and sold everyday. Some people make their living doing that. Stop whining.

Just because it's happned to a damned democrat.

Have Harpool call Al Gore. Afetr all, itr was Gore that invented the Internet, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Anon: Quit perpetuating a myth. Al Gore never said that. Reagan is dead. The "if I say it three times, it's true" way of thinking should have died with him. Now go back to hiding under your bed. Dick Cheney says the terrorists are at the door.

Anonymous said...

Sure Reagan's dead doclarry. That's a keen observation since your a doc.

Anon raises a good point which I see you did not address. And that would be the buying of website names to resell for a profit.

As far as terrorists being at the front door. Someday they will be if the looney left has their way.