Sunday, July 23, 2006


Our friend The Snarling Marmot has started a keen project focused on local bloggers; she sends questionnaires, gets 'em back and publishes the answers. It's a relaxed way to learn more about the geeks you read.

Marmot's Q&A with CHATTER includes our belief that blogging is the next phase of modern journalism. Really. Hit the Marmot joint to read the piece, and pardon our error in saying it's been nearly 60 years since Edward R. Murrow, Eric Severeid and William L. Shirer invented modern electronic journalism. It's closer to 70 years.

One more thing: Our apologies for the light weekend posting, and for any e-mailers whose words seemed to fall into a black hole. They didn't. Just a lot going on upstairs. Back with much more on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Whether it was 60 or 70 years ago, Murrow was a great journalist and a great American. I find the last conversation between him and LBJ, as Murrow was literally boarding a plane to retirement, very moving. You can read it here:

I love that LBJ (not generally known for his tenderness) calls Murrow "my dear."

It's not only a moment that shows Murrow's value and graciousness, it's also a nice, flattering snapshopt of LBJ. One of my favorite Murrow moments.

In many ways, America used to be a more decent place, I think.