Saturday, July 22, 2006


His name was James E. West, and for much of his adult life he was considered a player in Washington state politics -- that is, until a sex scandal forced his recall as mayor of Spokane last December.

West was caught online trying to seduce a teenage boy who wanted to work in the mayor's office. He tried to minimize the scandal but failed. All the while he was sick with cancer.

He died Saturday in Seattle. He was 55. The Post-Intelligencer reports:
The former Republican state senate majority leader died of complications from recent cancer surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center. The longtime legislator was diagnosed with colon cancer in early 2003 that later spread to his liver.

A statement released by the hospital Saturday morning said his family and pastor were at his side. "As a family we wish to thank the caregivers at University of Washington Medical Center, and the many friends of Jim for their support and prayers," the family said in their statement.

West became the first Spokane city official to be recalled from office on Dec. 6, 2005, ending a 27-year career in city and state politics.
West was known as an anti-gay politician.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting tale of a politician as pedophile, and how the West was one.